Training Regarding Cyber forensics & Investigation

Training Program for “Investigation of Cyber Crime”, in which training is imparted to the investigating officers on legal, technical, forensic aspects regarding registration of FIR, SOP of evidences (relevant and admissible digital/ electronic) in the computer resource, its seizure, preservation, procurement, sending to FSL,drafting the Charge Sheet and submission in the court of law in a legally admissible manner.

Due to new and different technical modus operendi of cyber criminals the investigating officers are often left confused & misled. So, we have designed various cybercrime investigation courses for the investigating officers to enable them to handle and solve cyber crime cases skillfully.

We also provide Training & Internship programs to engineering students, IT professionals, technocrats and law students to improve their skills in the field of cyber security & cyber laws.

In Case of Any Cyber Emergency !

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