Our Objective

To educate and sensitize society towards emerging cyber threats through workshops , seminars
and symposiums.

To conduct digital awareness program through lectures & seminars in schools, colleges and         universities in generals & professional, technical and engineering institutes in particular.

To conduct the training programme for corporates, law enforcing officials and training institutes of         government and government undertaking departments.

To design, implement and monitor secure web applications, softwares and network

To conduct IT Security Audit through Gap Analysis, Vulnerability Assessment, Penetration Testing,         Mapping and Exploitation of Vulnerabilities etc. as per legal mandate,international standardization         and guidlines of CERT-In, DOIT, SANS etc., to protect the information from malicious attacks.

To guide, educate and impart training to Body Corporates, Government and Government         undertaking organizations in formulating and providing various ISMS policies as per ISO/IEC         27001:2013 and privacy policy as per IT reasonable security practices and procedures to protect the         information technology, to provide cyber security and to mitigate as well as prevent cyber crime.

To provide comprehensive and transparent solutions in the field of cyber forensics.

To enhance the knowledge and skills with regard to law enforcement agencies whereby
contributing to the development of individuals, society and nation.

To provide consultancy to individual, society & corporates about cybercrime laws and investigation.

To promote brands and enhance brand value in digital space.

To facilitate research in field of cyber security and cyber forensics.

To respond and help you in case of any cybercrime emergency.

To generate all the possible resources to reduce the probability of cybercrime in the society.

In Case of Any Cyber Emergency !

Your privacy is our priority. If you are the victim of any kind of cybercrime or part of it then feel free to discuss it with us at help@drcbscyber.com or call on +91 8829 077 770 / +91 9783 380 412 P.P.
Mr. Satyendra Singh. Our team is ready to help you 24*7.


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